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Setting Compression

You can activate compression by selecting a value from the compression drop-down.

The compression setting can be found by selecting SETTINGS > COMPRESSION on the left hand navigation window.

Select your preferred compression setting in the drop-down box provided.

Compression will be applied on the received files. Each device that needs files received to be compressed must have the compression level set separately within that device Binfer settings.

To activate compression on received files, specify a compression level value, from 1 to 9. The compression level, defines how rigorously the compressor attempts to compress the file.

In general, compressing at the maximum level (9) requires around twice as much processor time as compressing at the minimum level (1);

For typical textual input, compressing at the maximum as opposed to the minimum level adds around 5% to the compression ratio.

The “Cost per MB” setting is only applicable for those sending data over a consumption-based internet plan, such as those common with satellite. Inputting a cost per MB will then tally a dollar amount saved when using Binfer’s compression feature. Total monthly savings can be viewed by navigating to REPORTS > COMPRESSION.